Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today I went through the Wolf, et al references, and from those articles, updated our list further. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it took the majority of the morning. Then met up with Beth later and discussed the data table sources we're using, which ones we prefer, back-up sources for our data, etc.

From there, I went through our references and made sure that each reference was calculated in that paper, to make sure we were citing the source directly. Almost all of them were direct references - yay! But there's a complicated line of references from Roychowdhury to Begum and then Begum to Karachentsev. Gotta figure that out. Along those lines, I also have to replace Martin (2) reference with Begum (2008) citation. (Also, check and see if subscription to royal astron. society expired.)

I liked the team meeting. It was nice to hear what everyone else was up to. Also just a nice way to reflect on the work and progress of the past week.

things for tomorrow, reference-wise:

- enter in data from Martin (2008) and Mateo (1998) -- with this, we'll have data for the majority of galaxies in our chart, even if they aren't the most recent
- replace Martin(2) ref with Begum (2008), and see if e and pos. angle are included in Begum article
- go over Karachentsev refs along with Begum string of refs

outside of citation stuff:
- go over luminosities and do log and print in order to further compare calculated and gathered lums
- go over where command
- distance calculation with beth (excited for first sig calculation!)
- read articles Beth gave us
- read ch. 3 of book

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  1. Great to-do list. I'm also excited to see the results of the M31 distance calculation. This will be a good first calculation for you to do. It requires thought, but thought about things that are all kicking around in your head somewhere already. Calculating the uncertainty in the distance will also be a good thing to learn.