Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So much progress since this morning.

With lots of help from Beth, I fixed my function and got rid of my hard coding. Fixed my smoothing filter, and toyed around with different smoothing lengths, different number of times of exp scaled length, pixel size, etc. It is so cool! Especially being able to look at the spatial smoothing section of the Walsh (2008) paper, and be able to understand what they're talking about. Really interested in the comparison between low/high numbers of exp scaled lengths and smoothing lengths. Interested to compare these along with other variables....which brings me to my next task: setting up a data structure that would compute these fields N times and compute values for the max, min, average, etc.

So I just started setting up my empty structure. Going okay so far, but lots of debugging in the near future. Was having issues with what I thought was the fltarr command, so I set all of them to 0.0 to try to debug, but that's not turning out so well either. I'll get it tomorrow or later today though. Looking forward to having a large data set that will be helpful.

things to do:
- debug function
- update latex doc with Koposov info (already updated with Walsh info)
- finish stellar population

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  1. Don't forget that we also need to take a look at using filter_image instead of filter_image_beth. Remind me tomorrow.