Friday, June 4, 2010

End of week 2

Feeling really good about today. I spent the morning finding central surface brightness values for the galaxies -- I have about 70% of them. Added some error values to our parameter measurements along the way. Also fixed my M31 equation. But I'm most proud of my error calculation. Using equations from the error reading we did this week, I put together what I think is a correct uncertainty formula. I was kind of daunted by the error calculation, especially the computer programming aspect of it, but I think I've done it (and without many error messages!). I now have a nice table with the galaxies listed with their xyz coordinates, distances and distance errors. Going to spend the rest of the afternoon searching for more central surface brightness values!

For next week:
- Gather more central surface brightness values
- Correct where function for M31 distances in order to separate them from MW satellites
- Go over error formula with Beth
- Figure out why some MW distances are close to M31 (? possibly calculation error?)
- add a column to our table documenting how these values were found (eek...kind of forgot about this until just now...will get on that pronto)

Until Monday!

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