Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yay! Finally debugged my distance formula earlier this afternoon. After a mad series of calculations (that ended up killing the batteries on Maya's calculator - oops! ), and figuring out my radian/degrees errors, it is correct as far as I can tell. Once Maya puts in the new values for the table, and I re-run IDL it will be finished!

Also started my first latex document. I'm psyched to have all of our work in one place, all formatted nicely, at the end of the summer.

A slight downside is that for And XII, XIII, XV and XVI, Leo T, Segue II and III, and Pisces II, I couldn't find central surface brightnesses. For And XII, there was a value in other units -- but when I converted it using their taken data, it was still off by 0.2, so I figured it'd be better to keep searching. Something to keep working on.

other things:
- go over errors for distances
- re-run idl with complete set of correct values (don't forget!)
- continue with new latex doc
- hess diagrams

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  1. Very nice progress, Miriam! Its stuff to step away after just 2 weeks of work.. you've jumped right back in and already started to learn new tools in addition to wrapping up the M31 distance calculation.