Friday, June 18, 2010

so close to finishing this error calc!

Worked on latex document, entered all the calculations I've done these past few weeks, described some of the tasks I've worked on, etc.

Also re-ran that data calculation Beth wanted....forgot about degrees conversion.

Then I took a look at my distance error calculation -- and realized how much work I had to do on it. Originally, I just assumed the main uncertainty was only coming from the distance to MW. After talking it over with Maya, I realized I needed to include the errors from the RA and DEC values. So I assumed the largest errors, and assigned those for the rest of the RA/DEC errors, and then re-ran the fitsread files. My error calculation now has 4 main steps: 1) finding the errors for the x,y,z coordinates, 2) combining the errors from the dwarf coordinates to the errors from the M31 coordinate, 3) combining all of the x,y,z errors into one error 4) taking the error after the square root of this value was taken. As of now, I have all of my formulas written up, I just have to re-program them. I'm positive about the accuracy in steps 2-4 of my uncertainty calculation, but I want to re-check my partial derivatives on mathematica before I enter them into my .pro file. Until Monday!

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