Thursday, June 24, 2010

Accomplished my previously set goals for today. My M31 functions work great. Tested them out with data from And I, And III, as well as And X, and they seem to be in tip-top shape. Also re-started my stellar population database. 86 down!

Next focus is looking at the angular sizes and exponential scale length used when finding dwarfs. We'll be looking at And XIX specifically as it was much larger than the others. The question of the moment, is if angular size was changed (especially, if it was larger) would more dwarfs have been found? Hopefully this will become clearer to me after reading the Koposov (2008) paper.

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  1. "if angular size was changed"... be sure you understand and can articulate what this statement means. What angular size are you talking about? The Walsh et al 2009 paper (The Invisibles) should be carefully read (at least the first parts where the dwarf galaxy detection algorithm is described).