Wednesday, June 30, 2010

stellar population and data structure both completed!

What started out as a sort of slow day, ended up turning out really great.

Two turning points:
1) I finished my stellar population! all 216 files are neatly saved to a directory and are ready for use!
2) fixed my data structure! Turned it into a fits file and started plotting.

So I was feeling kind of off in the morning. I was slowly working on this data structure and didn't really understand my coding and kept running into different errors. But with Beth's help, I got it up and running and started tinkering with the data. I made histograms for max, min, and time, as well as a couple different error plots, that are neatly stored in a file. Learned the handy !p.multi trick and used it to neatly format my graphs. Beth asked for a histogram of minimum, but all of the minimum values are at 0 (this is with 10, 000 stars), so the graph was obsolete (and unplottable for that matter). I calculated the maximum of our max values, and did the same for min, average, and average of the time it took for our calculation.

A few things to check:
- time error plot (I think the values should be smaller)
- median vs. average plot

also have to update my latex doc with the work of the past week.

Feeling good!

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  1. Good work sniffing out that all values of MIN were the same.