Monday, July 26, 2010

Setting our Detection Threshold

The simulation ran this weekend successfully. Yay!

The next step was to plot the peak(S) levels at 75%, 90%, 99%, and 99.9%.
Maya was great and went through my entire code with me, and helped me fully debug my plotting program.

I added best fit lines to it, as well as the detection threshold set in the Invsibles paper. Best fit lines don't sound too difficult, but because there were 3 different densities of stellar densities, it was significant to have best fits for each of the 3 different densities. After working through frustrating for loops, I ended up just sorting them through their reference numbers, and it worked out quite nicely. I've attached the graph below! (click on it for a better view)

The main issue is the overlap between the best fit lines. That's because I had to create a y-axis array to plot, and so I just chose points that fell into each of the range of the three different densities.

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