Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A lot to blog about:

Friday and today i worked on fixing all my for loops within my data structure. As of now, I have 5 for loops, in which I vary smoothing length, number of stars, nscale, and pixelsize. That means that I have a total of 89 variations in my fake sky fields, and for each variation, I have created 100 fields.

From this data, I've started to create plots and graphs of max, time, etc.

As a side project, I started reading up on the "fundamental manifold" which is supposed to encompass the local group dwarfs into a a single function. But this single function is a little wonky, and Ursa Minor and Draco don't align so neatly. So we'll see how useful this ends up being. Tomorrow, I'll plot And XIX on the graph that is in the Karitsky (2008) paper and see if it lies within the parameters of the function.

Things to do:

-fix time in plots --- my units of time are too large on my plots to show anything, so I need to shrink that down

-de-hardwire ref in multiple plots for loop --- so to create my plots, I made a for loop that I called ref, and inserted the number of variations I had - need to make it more general

-create table of calculations from structure -- re-run calculations I did for one variation and save into a table

-add and xix to manifold

-update latex doc

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