Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Almost accomplished my to-do list!

So I fixed my time plot issue. I decreased my bin size, and then made the intervals less frequent so the unit labels wouldn't overlap.

Also, created a table with my calculations for max, average, etc. with a for loop. For the for loop, I created a value that I hard-coded as the number of field variations we have. Still have that in there -- something for later today or tomorrow.

Started my And XIX analysis to see if/where it would be on the fundamental manifold. I have my mean surface brightness, but even in the Splash survey, there's no value for sig v for And XIX. I tried the calculation using 8.8 km/s, which is the value that Zaritsky uses for Ursa Minor and Draco, just to see if it would look reasonable. From what I've got so far, it looks like it too will be above the projection, just as Ursa Minor and Draco are, but much lower down on the x-axis on account of having a half-light radius of 1.7 kpc.

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