Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finishing up some last few things

As of this morning, I have a beautiful plot to show for my work this summer!... Well maybe not this summer, but I feel like it at least defines the work I've been doing this past month at least. It's similar to the one I last posted, but this time with sigma as determined by Gaussian statistics on there as well, and more neatly presented. As Beth correctly predicted, they are much lower than our peak values, thus vastly overestimating confidence levels, especially at levels higher than 90%. My last simulation should be done by the end of the week, and then I can apply this same plot to this data, which should look much smoother. Finishing up my latex document. Working on my poster. Doing both of these, scribing explanations of the work I've been doing (along with this blog), is really pushing me to fully understand all of the smaller details of my work that I've been hazy on. This may sound pretty corny, but the more I really think about it, the cooler all of this work get. Hopefully I'll have this poster done by tomorrow afternoon, and then I can spend Friday just organizing my directories, finishing and editing my latex doc, and then putting the new data from the most recent simulation into another plot.

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