Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My 3 separate fields simulations didn't run yesterday (note to self: always wait for more than a few minutes to make sure code is up and running, and CHECK from home). But I successfully ran 2 of the 3 tests, for smoothing lengths of 15.0, and 30.0 arc min after some debugging. Since I was using a 5 x 5 field, I temporarily set it to a plain 2 x2 field in order to more quickly debug. I would use 1 x1, but I was worried about some of the coding, and wanted to make sure it would work for more than just 1 x 1 fields.

Created a new program for my new plots for these simulations, and set it up so that tomorrow morning I can run it (hopefully) before class. Having a good time figuring out how to plot them. Normally, it would be easier to plot, as there are fewer variables. But since all of my other histograms had lots of similar algorithm parameters, I could easily just copy my previously used code and input the new parameters, while now, though I'm still copying code, I'm changing it more drastically than before. Getting to know better what each line of my code really means, so that's been interesting.

It's starting to dawn on me that there's only a week and a half of work left -- aka, I better get my act together, clean up my directories and programs, add lots of notes, and document this all in my latex document.

As for my 3 x 3 field simulation....well, there were some issues, but they've all been resolved. I have my beautiful cumulative histograms, ready to go!

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