Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Field Simulations

The first one is the same field simulation with the added pixel sizes of .25 and .5, an increased field of 3x3 deg, and 10,000 fields. Tried running it overnight, but it took way too long. Edited version (no combination with small pixel sizes and large scale lengths) will run tonight. Will check in tomorrow morning and check on its progress. Hopefully it will run smoothly (haha, get it?), and by Monday afternoon I'll have some cumulative histograms for it.

Next three simulations will have a pixel size of 2, a field size of 5x5 deg, nscale of 3, and a range of number of stars. Each simulation will have one smoothing length, and there will be 1000 trials per combination. And then we'll be inputting And XIX -like dwarfs!

Also, using the code from the Invisibles paper, I made a nice detection threshold plot. Not exactly if this is what Beth wants, but possibly.

Rafting tomorrow!

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