Thursday, July 8, 2010

pretty plots in the near future!

Sat down with Beth today and discussed the histogram plots I have so far. In order to better analyze them, my next task is to organize them in a way so that we can easily see the difference between the variables, say a smoothing length of 2 or a smoothing length of 4. I'm going to combine the 90 plots I have at the moment, and condense them into 18. Each of the graphs is going to be a specific variation of nscale length, pixel size and number of stars, with 5 different over plots of the 5 different smoothing lengths.

I've had to tinker with my original data structure in order to do this, and have additionally added a new structure which I will loop through to make the plots. The next thing I'll do is add in my actual plot statements with my overplots. For that, I'll also create titles that accurately depict the combination that it plots with a a general command.

Also fixed my calculation table, fixed the layout and added another calculation to it. Still have to add the columns that describe the combination for each calculated value. I'll do that with a for loop I think? I was thinking that I be able to do it with a where statement and just have one column that just lists the combination out...but that's for tomorrow.

I'm hoping that for tomorrow afternoon I'll have some pretty plots to show.

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