Monday, July 25, 2011

Equivalent Widths -- Error calculations and more!

I worked on my equivalent width errors -- still really high, but consulted with Jan Marie who had a similar issue. I redid the calculation and they look much better. I went back to my equivalent widths and widened my area around the H alpha emission region to be 10 Angstroms. Plotted the spectra from 6500-6000 Angstroms and then overplotted the selected range around the H alpha region. At first it looked a little wonky (hence enlarging the region). But now it looks really good, and even for the spectra that look like they have a strong H alpha region, the calculation still seems to underestimate the EW. Currently fixing that problem.

After I fix that, on to plotting the the equivalent widths vs. spectral type. There are two plots that I hope to make by Wednesday afternoon. 1) Mean EW per spectral type vs. spectral type, and 2) fraction of active binaries vs. spectral type. In order to do this second plot (and also for just good measure), I need to determine sigma for my equivalent widths (...and then make a histogram and calculate sigma). I was having trouble with the plothist procedure -- it says that one of the called procedures doesn't exist in my library. I downloaded it and put it in the right folder, but it still isn't working so well. I'll check further into it by tomorrow.

BUT this means that I need to get my EW calculation figured out.

Red Sox game tonight!

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