Friday, July 8, 2011

velocity shifts calculated for WDs!

Rather than using the system velocity that Dylan has already calculated, I instead applied the velocity shift calculation that I used for the M dwarfs to the white dwarfs in the binaries.

When I first approached this, I said to myself "This will be easy! I already did this for the M dwarfs." But reading in a different type of spectra file, and dealing with my bazillion indices in order for everything to align properly, along with formatting everything into a neat table caused it to ta
ke the better part of the day. It also took me a little to get back into the coding mindset -- but considering I was away for a couple of weeks, it was pretty easy getting back to it.

Applying my code to the WDs also got me prepared to apply it to new samples that Dylan will have for me shortly.

Here is a sample of the shift calculation
using the same binary as the one previously posted. The shift isn't as accurate as for the M dwarf, but this might just be on account of the accuracy of the WDs in general.

Goal for next week: Calculate the system's velocity. Hopefully I will have it in time for group meetings.

It feels so good to be back in the lab!

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