Wednesday, July 20, 2011

separation and H alpha calculations

I worked on a separation calculation for the binaries today. In order to make sure that I was getting reasonable answers, I pulled out the separation values that Dylan calculated. I spent a while making sure that my values were reasonable - this included attempting to make a histogram. Because some of dylan's values were put in as INF, I ran into some issues, so I ended up just looking at medians of each. Median of calculated separation values = .28 AU, median of dylan's =.49 AU and median difference between Dylan and my calculation separation= .0037 in AU.

Also worked on calculating equivalent widths for H alpha. I chose to look at flux values between 6560 and 6565 Angstroms. Instead of calculating my own area underneath the spectra, I decided to go for the simpler option and use tsum. Looks a little high, but I don't have a real sense of high and low values. Looking through old West papers to get a better idea. Added equivalent width to my huge table.

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