Monday, August 8, 2011

I spent the past couple of days reworking my code so that I would be able to more easily sort out the active binaries in my sample.

From West, et al (2011), active is defined as where:
- equivalent width is greater than .75 Angstroms
- s/n is greater than 3
- height of spectral line is greater than 3x noise

One of the great things about the data set that I'm working with, is that is has a time component; for fast binaries, from exposure to exposure, we can see a difference in the Ha emissions for the M dwarfs.

To illustrate this, I went through the spectra of the samples that had been categorized as active, and if they had velocity shifts of about 30 km/s over the course of their exposures, I would then make two plots. 1) equivalent width vs. time difference b/w exposures, and 2) equivalent width vs. dM radial velocity.


It's been pretty slow going, but I think I'm finally getting somewhere.

I ran into a little problem with the the time listed for some of my exposures. A few of the times listed for each exposure have been rounded, causing small errors in the time exposure of each sample. I think I have it figured out, but will finish fixing it up tomorrow.

I also have to start wrapping up my work. This week is my last week here in Boston at the West lab.

Things that MUST get done by the end of the week:
-short summary for KINSC
-poster for symposium
-write-up for records
-categorize/organize directories

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