Thursday, June 2, 2011

So today the computer crashed -- aka, things that I've been working on are (temporarily?) gone.
But no worries! Data has been downloaded to this machine, and it took surprisingly little time to rewrite the codes I've worked on.

Progress report:
So yesterday I was working on downloaded SDSS spectrum.
At the end of today, I have avg flux calculations for my spectrum (neatly-ish graphed) and corresponding template. I've written the spline code out, and need to work on debugging it.

^ KEEP READING OVER SPLINE STUFF ON IDL LIBRARY! maybe it's supposed to be fitting star spectrum to template instead of the other way around?

Also, while the computer was down, I read over the template paper, and read more up about how SDSS works. Very cool.

rememeber: my average for my template seems to be a little off -- while it would make sense for the graph of the wave vs. flux/avg flux to hover between more than and less than 0, it is edging on the side of being more than 0. There's a drop at the most left-hand side of the graph that would account for this, but no matter how narrower I make my xrange, it still includes that drop. For sake of continuing with the process, i'll leave that for now and continue on.

note to self: organize this blog better

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