Friday, June 3, 2011

(I've decided to do a little bit more on making this blog accessible. While it does serve as my lab notebook at times, I think it would be nice to have the blog written as clearly as possible.)

Looking back, I've done quite a few things today.

I came in needing to fix my spline procedure in order to coordinate my sample spectrum and template. From that I could use the xcorl procedure to return a shift value, which when converted to km/s from pixels (multiply by 69.1), returns the change in velocity.

Below, you can see the finished plot of a sample dM5 spectrum along with its template (blue = sample, black = template).

At the moment I am trying to automate my velocity calculation process so that you can just change the initial indexing number for the first fits file (indicating which SDSS spectrum you are selecting), and then end up with a velocity calculation.

This currently includes the task of automating my file names so that after getting the spectra from SDSS, the corresponding wavelength and flux data can be pulled. As the wavelength and flux data is categorized by file names that directly pertain to the fiber, mjd, and plate numbers, using an automated system that inserts the numbers and gets out the correct file name would quickly and efficiently continue the process. But alas, not all the fiber, mjd, and plate numbers have the same number of digits, so the troubling process of if statements and the like currently ensues.

plate: 3-4 digits
mjd: 5 digits
fiber: 1-3 digits
I thought I had my code fixed --- everything is in and is looped so you don't even have to input an index or anything. But something is still funny, as 1) some of the radial velocities are very off, and 2) running into problems with my IF and ELSE statements.

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