Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I think the SAO/NASA ADS astronomy query form has become my new best friend...

Today I gathered information on galaxy properties such as RA, DEC, position and ellipticity, to add to our giant data table of dwarf galaxy information. Right now, we have about 40 or so galaxies in our table.

As of now, all but two galaxies have RA and DEC data, and about half of them have RA, DEC, angle position and ellipticity as well! Along with that, I've noted down each author and paper that this data came from, and inadvertently created a list of dwarf galaxies and their pseudonyms.

I started out just sifting through different references from the Wolf, et al paper. But this was really tedious and didn't get me much data. I ended up finding a few authors who had discovered a lot of galaxies, and searching through their papers and which were most cited. In order to fill in the gaps, I looked up when the most recent galaxies were discovered, and then narrowed my searches to that time period. I also got a lot of references through SIMBAD which I would follow to journal articles and get data from.

As of now, I have about 10 pages of notes that I have to write up on the computer. I figured that editting the data table would be slow work for me, so I should gather as much info as I could initially and then add it to the actual table. Hopefully my limited coding knowledge will get me through adding new columns and data without too much trouble.

Feeling really good about this. Who knows? Maybe this compiled data, once plotted and graphed, will show us something new about stealth galaxies.

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